About Us:

Masimo Chemicals Logistics has taken the responsibility through accredited transporters for delivery of product intact to customers from the SAPREF Refinery in Durban.

The company is poised for growth in terms of expansion of markets and products with a consistent high quality focus on products and an excellent supply chain track record over the past eight years.

Masimo Chemicals Logistics is a South African based company with a level 4 BEE status.

Masimo’s product range includes:

MasimoSol 2325 * MasimoSol D70 * D90 and we possess an official wholesale fuel license allowing us to deal in fuels as well.

Masimo Chemicals Logistics has a head office based in Johannesburg.

Masimo Chemicals Logistics started up in 2008 as an international chemical distribution company. The main focus market has been the African Copper Belt spanning both the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia and some mines in Namibia.