We have a range of products, starting with our core product- MasimoSol 2325, moving on to MasimoSol D70 as well as Hexane Extraction Grade. Masimo possesses an official wholesale fuel license, allowing us to deal in fuels as well.

Masimosol 2325

Masimosol 2325 is a wide cut mixture of paraffins, cycloparaffins and aromatics that boils between 220 and 250°C. As a consequence of its increased boiling range level MasimoSol 2325 can be considered as a high flash, slow evaporating type of hydrocarbon solvent.

Hexane Polymerisation Grade

Hexane Polymerisation Grade is manufactured to the high standards required by the polymerisation industry. The solvent contains about 50% n-hexane, with a similar content of other hexane isomers. It is very low in impurties such as aromatics, olefins, carbonyls and acid substances.

Masimosol D70

Masimosol D70 is a very low aromatic, inert hydrocarbon solvent.